Great Lakes Water Level and Weather Data

Key web links for boaters

A GLERL (Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory) data sheet with western Lake Erie items added

Current water levels (site-specific, every 6 minutes, some meteorology)

NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS water level gauges (53 stations on U.S. coast):


Canadian water level gauges:


Short-term water levels and meteorology

GLOS Boater's forecast tool (based on NOAA/GLERL GLCFS, link below):


NOAA/GLERL Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System: water levels, wind, waves, currents, temps, ice


Seasonal forecasts and monthly lake-wide average water levels

The official seasonal forecast for Great Lakes water levels (this link does not always work correctly):


The official seasonal forecast is available on NOAA/GLERL's Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard:


Real-time meteorological information, site-specific

NOAA/GLERL real-time meteorological data:


NOAA/GLERL RECON buoys (Alpena, Cleveland, Muskegon, Saginaw Bay, Toledo)


NOAAPORT - daily summary of real-time Great Lakes marine observations:


Western Lake Erie: Open Lake Marine Forecast


Western Lake Erie : Open Water Current Conditions


Western Lake Erie: National Weather Service Quick Forecast